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Keep it casual in sun shirts, graphic tees, caps, and straw hats that are perfect for a paddle, a sail, or a stroll down the beach. Wear the original flip-flop and star brand.


our mission

Keep it casual wearing Casual Starfish designs by artist Dean Robert Dietrich. Original silkscreened tees, technical sun shirts, tropical sun hats, nature photography and small tales of adventure. All profits are donated to organizations that further ocean conservation and stewardship.


My name is Dean and Casual Starfish is a family brand I started in 2011. I'm a lifelong visual artist, painter, graphic designer, photographer, and frequently wet (or drip-drying) waterman of sorts. I'm also a somewhat rare native Floridian who grew up in, on, and around the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. My parents were deeply creative people who shared with their four sons a sincere love for the natural world, and especially the tropical and coastal environment of Florida. Their lessons are a legacy that my wife Jeannette and I are sharing with our daughters. The Casual Starfish brand is our way to share it with you.

What is Casual Starfish?  It's a brand for everyone. We offer wicking-fabric sun shirts that are perfect for a day of stand-up paddling or a simple stroll along the shoreline. Let's face it, not everyone wants to go to the beach in a rash guard designed for a twenty year-old surfer. Our shirts are originally designed and locally printed, are fast drying, tailored for mere mortals, are super comfortable, and are unlike anything you will see anywhere else. We also offer caps and straw hats to keep the sun off, images of the tropical world, and short stories of adventure and inspiration.

Whether you live near the ocean or not, we are all impacted by a rapidly changing natural world, and our aquatic ecosystems are experiencing more man-made stress than ever before. In late 2016, my vision for the future of my little company began to change. I decided that Casual Starfish Brand should take a more active role in promoting and supporting organizations that try to protect and save our aquatic ecosystems, either by direct action, or by the fostering of stewardship. We are committed to donating all profits after operational and production costs to environmental conservation and education. Casual Starfish Brand, Inc operates as a public charity under United States Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3). It’s also important to note that Casual Starfish Brand directors (Jeannette and myself) and its assistants are non-compensated volunteers.

Our support is locally focused and globally inspired. Here are two Florida foundations we've supported that are making a direct difference: Share The Stoke Foundation, and Coral Restoration Foundation. Share The Stoke was founded in 2011 by Kelly Kingston, a surfer who freely gave away her surfboard to a kid who needed one. Inspired and empowered, Kelly and her foundation have given hundreds of boards to underprivileged kids in coastal communities around the world. The Coral Restoration Foundation, located in Key Largo, has been growing coral in closely monitored nurseries and replanting it on living coral reefs for over a decade. They share their pioneering techniques with ocean conservationists from other countries, creating awareness and a global effort. We also proudly support Ocean Conservancy, which advocates and educates to change public perception and better protect our vulnerable ocean resources.

I've always believed that there should be more to casual tropical apparel than a mass-produced t-shirt with a fish on it, and now I believe it even more. Help us as we support those committed to positive and lasting change. Wear our flip-flop and star brand and share a laid-back tropical vibe while you swim, surf, fish, sail, garden, or relax and plan your next adventure— hammock and palm trees optional. 

Feel good in what you are wearing, and why you choose to wear it. And keep it casual, wherever wind or tide takes you.

All photographs and artwork on this site are original unless otherwise noted. Most of our product imagery has been provided by my niece and professional photographer, Lindy Elisabeth Dietrich. My dive buddy and daughter, Haven, took the photo of me holding the anchor line during a safety stop (above). Our family photo (top) was taken at the Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort on Long Island, Bahamas, in June of 2017. (from left: Haven, Jeannette, Marina, and myself).